Tenthers Taking To The Airwaves

by Michael Maharrey

The Tenth Amendment Center turned five in June.  And like youngsters tend to do, TAC marked the occasion by showing off just how much it has grown up.

The organization spread its wings into a whole new realm on June 22, taking to the airwaves with the launch of TRX: Tenther Radio.

Hosted by Phil Russo with Boldin serving as co-host, the high energy show combines the information and news people have come to expect from the Tenth Amendment Center with a little bit of humor and light heatedness thrown in for good measure. Listening to Russo, Boldin and their guests banter in a more informal setting gives listeners the opportunity to get a better sense behind the personalities driving the Tenther movement.

TAC deputy director Bryce Shonka serves as the show’s co-producer. He said he’s trying to strike a balance, giving the show a little edginess while still communicating the solid scholarly information TAC is known for.  And he notes taking the Tenth Amendment Center’s message to the airwaves broadens the organization’s reach and targets new demographics.

“I’ve always seen the website as being pretty academic,” Shonka said. “With radio, you get a more informal setting and you can get a little different glimpse into the minds of Michael and the guests. I think it appeals to a younger audience.”